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Happiness Project

June 4, 2010

There is a book out, called the Happiness Project. I haven’t read it not am I here to reccomend it. Though, this past week, the phrase “Happiness Project” has been floating through my mind. A dear friend of mine is on a quest to “figure out the rest of her life,” when she really wants is adventure. I have been moping about my loathed apartment, again. Wondering how it is that after nearly 11 months, I still don’t have permeante work. This morning, when I opened the fridge, grandma’s jam came flying out and shattered on the floor. Why couldn’t have been the crapy jam from Safeway? For some reason, nothing seems to be going right this week.

So next week, we are celebrating the Happiness Project, right here. Things that make us Happy when everything this else is wrong. Besides, it is better to focus on the positive, rather than the bad.

First up: Muslin

I love the stuff. It is cheap, utilitarian, workable. It is popular again; people seem to be having a love affair with simple materials, but I have been loving them for years.

Here is a sneak peak of my most recent project (being released next week). It includes a muslin bag! I made 10 of these in less than an hour. Make one today!

modern floral muslin bags, cards in bags, muslin invitations, cloth invitations

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