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I am Just One Woman

March 29, 2010

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March has flown by. My plates have arrived and have been lovingly pressed into soft cotton paper; only letterpress can make my heart pitter-patter like this. There is so, very, very much to do and I am only one woman. The good news is that the website is up. The bad news is that it needs loads of work. Not to mention, I need to fire my photographer. I cannot seem to get a good photo of so many things! The journals turned out great, but I haven’t been able to get a good photo of them yet. The light hasn’t been great around here lately; I need some super sunny Seattle weather and soon!

The website is

Take a gander, if you like. Please don’t try to buy anything yet- Still working on accepting credit cards!

The Etsy store should be in action by the end of the week (Tutta Lou Press). There will be many more items added to both sites over the course of the next few weeks, but then again, I am only one woman.

Also very exciting news- There are some very awesome ladies in the adjacent studio spaces and we are planning an Art Walk/Meet the Press Party on May 1st. Watch for more news on that!

Be sure to check back on Monday- We will be having our first Give Away, as promised!

Please leave me your comments on the website too!


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