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Push, Shove and Pray!

February 7, 2010

The press came yesterday. I hadn’t been that excited since I got to move out of the house and go to college (sorry, Mom!)!  In fact, I am still super excited and am considering blowing off Super Bowl Sunday just to go play with it!

Q: How does one move 2,000 lbs of oh-so-top-heavy- steel? A: Very carefully, three men, one truck, one trailer, a winch, lots of wood, a forklift and two pallet jacks and lots of prayers.

moving a chandler and price press, printing press, moving, seattle,

The press has arrive! Presenting Chandler, the main event!

Jake, showing off his masterful backing-up skills on a busy Seattle street!

moving a chandler and price press, printing press, moving, seattle,

This is around the time where I had not one, but two heartattacks. This photo doesn’t show the Jetta right next to the trailer or the press almost falling onto the Jetta. Thank God for a winch to slowly let the press down the ramp (there is steel and three inches of wood to take the load of the press, even though it just looks like a piece of plywood) and no Hot-heads to screw up the process.

More to come later…(WordPress is being a pain…)

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  1. Aunt Rosie permalink
    February 8, 2010 7:18 pm

    Hi Sarah,
    what is the press for? Is is a money making item? Your weather looks good.
    We have only a ton of snow and more.
    Family is good and so are all my grands. they are all growing up too fast.
    But nice to have a new baby now.
    Will see him tomorrow.
    love Aunt Rosie

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