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Me, circa 2004

January 25, 2010

I have been a little nuts-o the past few days. I have completely rearranged my apartment, again. I still hate it.On the flip side, I have been purging and consolidating like a bank in 2008, or something like that.

In the mass destruction, I found this written in a sparsely used journal:

What I want in 2004

– to figure out what I want! (some days I am still working on this one)

-to learn how to ski or snowboard (check, I am snow-bunny deluxe with a rocking snowboard called Dayglow!)

-to get a 3.7 this spring semester (I have no clue how this one turned out!)

-to have an internship (check)

-to chose (sp.) my degree (check)

-to choose a grad school (I did look, more than once…)

-to learn how to spell “choose” (Still depends on the day)

-to figure out my travel plans for study-abroad (I spent a semester in Denmark the following year!)

-figure out what is really important (Some  days I still think about this, most of the time I think that I have finally figured this one out)

-have a better handle/record on my finances for 2004 (I don’t know how December 2004 looked; but I did to my taxes for 2009 today and I was well-organized going into the process, so I must have learned something in 2004!)

-to exercise 2x per week (Yep, still on my list every year. Last year I did run a half-marathon, thus I must have got some exercise!)

-improve my relationship with God (Isn’t this always an ongoing project?)

-create a budget that includes savings (I didn’t get to this one until 2008, four years later!)

-Be kinder (I still need to work on this one!)

-Be a better listener (I need to work on this one some more too!)

Sometimes I am really hard on myself for not being “instantly” self-improved. Finding this list is was a nice reminder that you can get what you want out of life, but it isn’t going to happen over night and some projects are simply filed under “ongoing”.

Have a Fab evening!

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