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Merry Christmas!

December 27, 2009

It would be cliché to say “I love Christmas” or even more so, to say, “No, I REALLY love Christmas.” Christmas is great, but what I love most about Christmas is not the gifts, the snow, the cheer, the food, or prepping for the big day (shock!). My love is smeared all over the post-Christmas days. At my parent’s house we nap, watch an endless stack of DVDs, fight over prime couch positions and Mom lets us eat in the living room. Books, tea, and clementines punctuate the simple days of no agendas or obligations.  Post-Christmas days, you steal my heart.

I dug out my computer today (finally!) and discovered this fun website The Merry Newsinator. It is a mad-libs-esque, 2009 holiday newsletter builder.  I don’t write holiday newsletters, mainly because they would go a little something like this:

Hey {you},

This years has been great, I was laid off from my job and I am still single. Yes, you read it correctly, still single. Hope all is well with you! Merry Christmas and  Happy New Years!

Love, Me

Pretty Boring, Right? I thought so! I am not responsible for the content in my letter- the Merry Newsinator made me do it! My letter is pretty much lies, lies, lies- which is way more entertaining than my self-produced note ! The Newsinator produces a year wrap up, so you still have time to send it out, or post it to your Facebook before 2009 fizzles out!

Happy Lazy Days on the Couch!

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