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Great Stuff on the Web

December 19, 2009

Here are a few things that I currently love about the internet. There are somethings on this list that I have written about before, but they are still favorites!

muji       muji

1. Google Reader. It is like email, but for your favorite website. Sign up (easy, especially if you have a gmail ID), copy URLs into the subscription box and it lets you know when your favorite website/blogs have been updated. Simply amazing. Google Reader is my BFF.

2. Teux Deux. This is a very simple, modern on-line to do list. I am a little OCD when it come to making lists (ask anyone who rides for more than 20 minutes as my passenger in the car- they will have made me a list or two by the end of the trip!) What I like best about it is there is no fluff. It is straight to the point: write it down, cross it off or move it over. I set mine as an open tab so I can refer to it though out the day (or you could set it as your homepage). They are coming out with an iphone app soon, yea!

muji, map, nyc

3. Muji. They have store all over NYC, but haven’t shown any love to the NW yet. They will, I am sure of it. In the mean time, I shop from the comfort of my chair for simple, inexpensive, gifts. 

muji nyc


4. Etsy. I am sure that this isn’t a new site to anyone, but It is always fun to see what other are making and thinking about. Also, a great place to buy handmade gifts if you don’t have the time to make them yourself.  

*All image on this post come from MUJI.

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