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Life is a Box of Projects

December 16, 2009

linsey adelman

I have been thinking lately that life is just a series of projects. Whether it is planning a meal for someone special, baking cookies, wrapping presents or cleaning out the hall closet! I like projects- in fact I might even say that I love them. For example, I have always done better in classes that were just two or three projects with an exam or two thrown in there for the higher ups. I like to spend time mulling over possiblities (maybe I like to do mull a bit to much; it can also be a form of procrastination!) and  then seeing all the parts come together.

Lindsey Adelman light fixture

So, are you wondering why I posted a light fixture for this post? Maybe a bunch of lights went off in my head? Nope. Just another project to add to my Do It Herself list. Some day I will have a Honey-do list, but in the mean time the DIH List is more effective.

This lovely fixture comes from another DIH, Lindsey Adelman.  Be sure to check out her work. I am thinking, that if I ever score a studio space or a two bedroom apartment I am going to whip up one or two fixtures to keep things mod! I love projects! Here are the instructions. More project updates tomorrow!

*All images  are from Lindsey Adelman’s website.

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