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The Field House

December 14, 2009

Field house, Ballard, Seattle

This morning, per the ‘Sunday mornings in Ballard’ ritual, I spent a few hours at Cafe Fiore studying Stats until my mind imploded. From there I decided I need a quick break and headed over to Venue to see if they had any workspace for rent  (they do and I am dying to have more space outside of this cramped  little apartment).  

Ballard is ready for Christmas, while I am not. Maybe if it snowed I could finally get into the spirit! Last year I distinctly remember the first snow. I was sitting in Cafe Fiore by the window;  eveyone inside was warm and cozy with thier drinks and chirstmas music was playing softly overhead. The snow starts to fall garcefully and I manage to enjoy it quitely for a few minutes before everyone suddenly starts clapping and cheering; it was totally a movie scene. 

field house, seattle

I also stopped in at Ballard’s New Feild House. I have been meaning to stop in for ages, but somehow, it had never happen until today! They have loads of fun goods. I snuck a photo of the stockings hung with care. They had these really cool porcilen chess peices filled with wiskey for 45 dollars. The reminded me of this itty-bitty lantern I had as a kid, that was actually from my mother’s childhood. The top part of it came off and was originally filled with perfume. I usually hate figurine type things, though somehow I was drawn to these. Perhaps it was because they come in a cool grey or black; or becuase they were a breath of fresh air and unlike anything I have seen in a shop in quite some time. 

The Feild House call’s itself a general store, but I like to think of it as a merchantile. I love that word. I miss the Donald Mercantile; it used to be such a treat to stop in or take my sister for a goodie.  Hope all of you have a fab week, I know I intend to, as soon as all my test are done! {And hopefully I will have some good news to share by the end of the week…}

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