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Lookie-Lookie Cookie

December 13, 2009


alt= 17 and baking

From 17 and baking


The first thing I have to do after finals is whip up a batch of cookies for a cookie exchange. Now, please don’t get me wrong, I love to bake, I love cookies (Voice over: No way Sherlock, we can see cookies on your buns, your thighs, your…shall we keep going?) and I love to dream up little creations. Not to mention I am excited to go to the actual party.  But I really don’t want to come home with more cookies than I left with. Can’t I just pawn my cookies off on others? I don’t need more cookies, trust me. 

Also, yesterday, I am pretty sure I met the best cookie of my life. It led me to leave the following post on a friend’s Facebook wall:

“FYI, I had the best cookie of my life today. It was amazing. I did not have to make it ( 2 points right there). It had a chocolate base with and had these flaky bits that crumbled off when you bit into it. I swear there was a layer of caramel baked through the center. A then I got to nuggets of goodness, chocolate and something else that was heavenly that i have never experienced before but was light brown and oh-so-good. I don’t know who, or where or when that cookie was made, but it has captured my heart and imagination and all things wild and unruly. Good talk.”

I am pretty sure that no cookie will live up to that morsel of  wonderful. Enough complaining from me. I think that I will make Peppermint Meringues. They are just to pretty not to want to make or eat! 

Alt= 17 and baking

From 17 & Baking


These come from the local Blogger 17 & Baking. This girl has got so much talent- I wish I was half as motivated as she is! She bakes, she writes (very well too!), interns, takes beautiful photos and goes to school!

Happy Baking friends!

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