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Time Slips By

December 12, 2009

alt=Olympia washington

It is amazing how fast life goes by…it is amaizing we don’t constantly hear a giant “whoosh.” I has been thinking about all the wonderful things I was going to be bloggging during Blogember/December and then I realize that it was December. It was December 7th already, crazy! School has taken over my life these past few months, which is good, I really need a distraction from empty job-boards and the guilt of feeling like a giant slacker. 

Last week I went on a little day trip….I can’t tell you the purpose of this day trip just yet, that is a suprise! But I can tell you that it will be awesome if it all works out! On my trip, my first stop was in Olympia to visit my dear pal Chris. “Oly” is such a cute town and has a vibrabant urban core. Everytime I visit, it reminds me more and more of Portland. It is a great example of how some old downtown are making a comeback (slowly and surely).  I guess you could say time hasn’t slipped away in Oly, it has been embraced;  the community there has come together to keep their money in the local economy. Looks like it is paying off for them. I guess sometime we just have to work with what we have.

Some day I will make a trip down there for shoping purposes only. On this trip, a Sunday morning, the shop were not open yet. Maybe it was a good thing none of them were open- I could have spent my life savings there!

alt=shopping Olympia pretty

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