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June 12, 2009

Well, well, well. I have decided to start a blog- not because I am a writer, but because I am a collector.  I like to gather up ideas and things I see, but my memory is failing me, but my memory is failing me. So I thought if I started a blog I would have a chance organize all the amazing things I see (and sometime the things I do!) in one place that has a search engine attached to it! Also, so many of my friends are spread around the world this will give me a chance to let you know what I am up too!   Enough of the introductions…Today I should be studying for the ARE, but I AM BLOGGING at a new Café in Capitol Hill. Odd Fellows Café opened late last year, but I have never made in over here. Earlier this week I got a facial at the Aveda Insitute,  just up the street and when I walked by here I made it my goal to hang here before the week was over. This place is super cute and active- I cannot believe how many people have come through here in the 90 minutes I have been here. This place is a recycled Mecca- all the wood and fixtures look like they have been reclaimed from the restore or a demo site. The food is pretty tasty too- I had the breakfast sandwich and a short cappuccino. A good cup of coffee will make me shriek with glee these days!  I cannot say kudos to Oddfellows website  but if you are in Seattle you should stop by- I’ll be on the patio!

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